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Thats the funny thing about life. Spanish proverb Click to tweet. Love is a rare gem that needs to be polished praised and pampered every day.

Were rarely aware of the bullets we dodge. Life was meant to be lived and curiosity must be kept alive. His goal was to understand his pain his depression his fears his lack of motivation and inspiration.

The simple act of opening a bottle of wine has brought more happiness to the human race than all the collective governments in the history of earth. However this isnt a Hallmark movie. Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and hell believe you.

My life has the tendency to fall apart when Im awake you know. -Abraham Lincoln We all pay for life with death so everything in between should be free. Its harder if youre stupid.

There is only an absence of love which is fear. One must never for whatever reason turn his back on life Eleanor Roosevelt To be awake is to be alive. -John Wayne I love sleep.

Whenever we express our love to someone we dont always have to look so serious. When you mix your words and actions with a little humor your loved one will find your moments together more memorable and special. We spend so much time worrying about how the future is going to play out and not nearly enough time admiring the precious perfection of the present.

You start each day with the best of intentions and expect to achieve success. -Jack Handey Life is hard. We are all here on earth to help others.

Rodney Dangerfield Click to tweet. Life is too short to live the same day twice. I intend to live forever.

Rare Inspirational Quotes That You Probably Never Heard Of. Steven Wright Click to tweet. Successful people have fear successful people have doubts and successful people have worries.

What on earth the others are here for I dont know. Lifes tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late Benjamin Franklin. I hope life isnt a big joke because I dont get it.

-Ernest Hemingway Be excellent and party on dudes. Life is what we make it always has been always will be Grandma Moses. So far so good.

There is no opposite of love because love is everything. When I was a kid my parents moved a lot but I always found them. Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.

Life is not the same without humor. In search of meaning he dived in the self-improvement world psychology and trail running. Sometimes life doesnt work out as planned no matter what you do.

Here are 10 funny life quotes that dont need an explanation because they can be interpreted in many ways and I think a lot of them explain themselves.

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