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Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. Come and join the big boys. But I think the charm must be wearing off Yes it must said Hermione pointing at the title of his essay because we were asked how wed deal with Dementors not Dugbogs and I dont remember you changing your name to Roonil Wazlib either.

Go back to the rest of the team and let me deal with the rogue one. So they do it all the time. They know its annoying.

Nice try Harry but not good enough. We bequeath it to you. Nov 27 2014 - My tribute to the awesome Fred and George May they always remain in our hearts.

From Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. 36 Magical Tumblr Posts For The Harry Potter Fans - Funny memes that GET IT and want you to too. If youll stop squirming we have a better way.

They admit its annoying. You know I dont get why Fred and George only got three OWLs each said Harry watching as Fred George and Lee collected. Simply splendid to see you old boy.

This is all your fault George said angrily to Wood. Fred and George however found all this very funny. Passing their Apparition test with distinction apparently means Fred and George can magically travel wherever they want.

Discover and share Harry Potter Funny Quotes Fred And George. What kind of quill are you using Its one of Fred and Georges Spell-Checking ones. Best harry potter quotes and lines Fred and George Weasley Funny Quotes- Anna Evans1 Anna Evans Ginny Lupin Emily Daughter of Poseidon Ginny Weasley-Potter I always thought that Fred and I shouldve got Es in everything because we exceed expectations just by turning up to the exams.

They went out of their way to march ahead of Harry down the corridors shouting Make way for the heir of Slytherin seriously evil wizard coming through. See more ideas about fred and george weasley harry potter fan harry potter love. Come on guys Im trying to get to Hogsmeade.

Dont be thick said Fred. Harry said Fred elbowing Percy out of the way and bowing deeply. Marvellous said George pushing Fred aside and seizing Harrys hand in turn.

Size is no guarantee of power said George. Awwh bless him. This Harry is the secret of our success said George patting the parchment fondly.

Get the Snitch or. Look at Ginny Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Thinking Funny Harry Potter Trying 56 Copy quote When he straightened up again there were six Harry Potters gasping and panting in front of him.

And still they do it. Itll take your head off. Get the latest funniest memes and keep up what is.

Fred Weasley George Weasley. Harry is rumoured to be the Heir of Slytherin. Fred and George have some of the funniest lines in the series especially during their interactions with Mrs.

Fred Weasley George Weasley.

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