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You just cant beat these when you need a good laugh. Reilly might be the funniest of the two Step Brothers. 1 2 3 4 1 Some days you just cant get rid of a bomb.

For more classic quips check out these 37 Movies Every Man Over 40 Should Be Able to Quote. We hope you enjoyed our list of the 20 funniest movies of all time. Take a look at Hollywoods ten favourite movie quotes.

Funny movie quotes are not hard to find in the Will Farrell classic Step Brothers. Our favourites were numbers 3 11 and 17. There are 106 miles to Chicago we have a full tank of gas half a pack of cigarettes its dark and were wearing sunglasses The Blues Brothers 1980 -Elwood Dan Aykroyd to Jake John Belushi as they try to make it to their gig on time.

Heres a quick recap of the 20 funniest movies of all time. 3 This building has to be at least. Marriage is like.

Im scared of everything. And most of all Im scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when Im with you Baby in Dirty Dancing 12. Dazed and Confused.

These funny quotes about work love friends and family will have you saying So true because well they are. But Im terrified. The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Iconic funny movie quotes from fan-favorites and cult classics like Elf Coming to America Mean Girls Legally Blonde The Big Lebowski and more have become a part of our culture. Life after death is as improbable as sex after marriage Clue. High School can be so cruel.

Frankly my dear I dont give a damn Gone with the Wind 1939 Heres looking at you kid Casablanca 1942. When youre able to humorously look back at all your failures and setbacks youll less likely to be discouraged by these past events. 21 Will Ferrell Quotes.

Well um actually a pretty nice little Saturday were going to go to Home Depot. Itd be a lot cooler if you did. Clueless for example influenced the way an entire generation of kids talked.

One of the most parodied movie lines in cinema even Ryan ONeal himself poked fun at it in Peter Bogdanovichs screwball comedy Whats Up. Discovered by the Germans in 1904 they named it San Diego which of course in German means a whales vagina. Others will have you remembering hilarious.

Im scared of what I did of who I am. Some movies have a way of infiltrating our everyday conversations. Matthew McConaughey delivers one of the most enduring funny movie quotes as the adult stoner Wooderson who hobnobs with high.

Famous movie quotes that will make your day. Here are the funniest movie quotes ever. 75 Funny Motivational Quotes Humor can be quite an important asset especially on your road to success.

Id do anything to save my marriage but I just havent got the time Sex and the Single Girl. If I wasnt terrified of heights Id like this. Here are a few of the best quotes.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Theyre the lines that stay with us long after the end credits have rolled the things we say to friends family and colleagues when we want to make a point or raise a smile indeed film. Captain Renault Claude Rains to Rick Blaine Humphrey Bogart when Rick points a gun at the captains heart.

Im scared of what I saw.

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