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Funny Quotes and Sayings. Engrish Fails - connocting poopie. I hope you enjoyed them even if they are bad many of them are funny.

Not surprisingly theres a Flickr group devoted to documenting bad translations and weve pulled a few of our favorites. Hilarious because I have the mind of an 8 year old. 31 Brilliant examples of Engrish fails.

3 Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks. I have good news and bad news. Food is a celebration of feelings a painstakingly created flash like fireworks a hard work but not demanding a serious attitude but this is not art.

From wince-inducing puns to ghastly double entrendres here are 115 of the very worstbest. What is a ducks favourite drug. You were doin it all through English class I was not Liar.

A large list of bad pick up lines. High from above Used to describe a short dress or skirt. I would love to hear how it went.

He charged one and let the other one off. From overly literal translations to false cognates check out 10 of the best translation fails from English to Spanish and Spanish to English in. If you happen to have used one or more of them be kind to write the experience in the comment box.

A police officer caught two kids playing with a firework and a car battery. Funny bad jokes. Unless you live in the Tibetan mountains or belong to an Amazonian tribe youve definitely come across English grammar in use.

Caviar is the food of the gods and they are very skinny. If youre running a business in a tourist-heavy country having signage in English is a smart move. Best Life 40 Hilarious Jokes No One Is Too Old to Laugh At Parade Ha Ha Ha101 Corny Jokes That Are So Bad Theyre Actually Funny Good Fatherly.

Good bad words Euphemisms. It looks like shirts with English words are a biggest trend right now in Asia and would be a nice thing except for the fact that the meaning of whats supposed to be written on those garments is totally modified by a really poor translation. 8 Is So Wrong It Hurts.

Which do you want to hear first. In the morning I could not eat anything. Word Nerd Grammar Humor Just For Laughs Grammar Nerd Saving Lives Bad Grammar Grammar And Punctuation Make Me Laugh Grammar.

The good news is that I have no bad news. 21 Hilarious Poorly Translated Asian Shirts. Youre dinner3A one leaves you nourished2C the other leaves you dead.

All it was doing was collecting dust. You even did it during detention Marita A. Jan 4 2015 - 27141 points 370 comments - They worth it sorry for bad english - 9GAG has the best funny pics gifs videos gaming anime manga movie tv cosplay sport food memes cute fail wtf photos on the internet.

Your smarts go out the window however if the English translations you display turns into the wrong kind of funny jokes. 1 Never trust people who smile constantly. Help the police with investigations Be tortured to tell the police what you know about a crime.

Thanks to the rise of American power and influence English has spread like wildfire across the globe. Theres only one thing better than a good joke - a joke so bad that its good. Hairy nope nope Spider.

Remember that we have many categories with pick up lines. 2 How many people here have telekenetic powers. I sold my vacuum the other day.

It came in from one end it came out through the other. Its the most widely-studied language in the world making it a connecting word between countries and even continents. Correct grammar3A it saves lives.

4 Went to Disneyland because. It was a shitzu. Hire a Russian Find someone else to deal with a pesky problem.

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