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I dont need to write it down Ill remember it 22. I take 2 aspirins and keep away from children just like it says on the bottle 12. So I could slap eight people at once 23.

A good friend would offer you an umbrella in the rain a best friend would steal yours and say Run bitch run 24. I have reached the point in my life when Im not out to impress anyone. And equal partners we will be.

People love the daily best. Minion jokes Minions funny Funny minion quotes. Funny Quote of the Day Forty for you sixty for me.

Minions are so cute in their looks and funny in actions. Youre way more than a value meal. Never forget three types of people in your life.

The biggest lie I tell myself is. Minion jokes Minions funny Funny minion quotes. When I get a headache.

The arts of power and its minions are the same in all countries and in all ages. I am out of order until further notice. That moment when you miss one step on the stairs and you think youre about to die.

Minions are so cute in their looks and funny in actions. Top 150 Funny Minions Quotes and Pics 28. Im not a clone and Im not a minion.

My bank account balance is a constant reminder that. Minions live in our hearts because of their cuteness and they are part of our daily life. My Stupid people filter needs cleaning and my Give a damn batteries have run out 23.

Minions Quotes And Hilarious Sayings 76. Hi spider Nice spider Let me pet you With my foot. Funny Quotes Minions And Minions Quote Images Even in the deepest love relationship when lovers say I love you to each other we dont really know what were saying because language isnt equal to the complexity of human emotions.

Who put you in difficult times Funny Minions Quotes. Sometimes I wish I was an octopus. I could be one only if morning began the afternoon.

Every time I lose some weight I find it again in the refrigerator 22. My Saturday was going pretty well until I realized it was Sunday. Who helped you in difficult times.

You need to stop PISSING ME off. Top 97 Funny Minions quotes and sayings 1. Good spider Dead spider 2.

22 Minion Quotes. No I dont need anger management. Take me as i am or its your freakin loss 3.

Top 28 Funny Minions Quotes and Pics Of The Week funny sayings Im so broke my nervous breakdown is on layaway. Dont sell yourself short youre beauti. The best funny minion quotes ever.

Funny minions Quote Top 37 with Funny Words To Say Everyone wants me to be a morning person. The Minions movie is all about the lovable Enjoy Entertain and Laugh with Funny quotes and Sayings. Funny Minion Joke About School Funny minion quotes.

Minions are a new trend on the internet whatever the topic be these minions memes are sure to pop up one Here are the best funny minion quotes ever. Who left you in difficult times.

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