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Here are some of the best. -Morris Fishbein 1889-1976 9 A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what youve been taking. Like to the park 3.

After Quotes Vacation Over Quotes Need A Vacation Quotes Funny Vacation Quotes Eddie From Christmas Vacation Quotes Goals Quotes Reaching Goals Quotes Much Needed Vacation Quotes Goal Setting Quotes Going On Vacation Funny Quotes Funny Quotes About Vacation Deep thoughts Quotes Abraham Lincoln Quotes. Sometimes we must choose between the luxuries of life and the tough work that actually changes the world. Take me to the next beach like now.

Girls just want to have sun. 7 A vacation is like love anticipated with pleasure experienced with discomfort and remembered with nostalgia. Because the way they work those crews is so criminal.

Lets start this list of funny travel quotes with a quote Matt likes to use. Motivational Welcome Back to Work Quotes after Vacation. If you are upset just think about a T-Rex trying to drink a Martini.

Time to get outdoors. Do not let the trappings of a long relaxing holiday cause you to veer off the path to changing lives with your amazing work. Summer Is Over Time To Officially Remember What Day Of The Week It Is School Humor Teacher Humor School Quotes.

Welcome back and I look forward to working with you. Pin By Tanya Bishop On Quotes Vacation Quotes Funny Vacation Quotes Funny Quotes. Someecards Com Vacation Quotes Funny Vacation Meme Back To Work After Vacation.

I think actually what Im going to do when Im done and take my next vacation is Im going to go over and start unions in Japan. I want to travel more the bank account. There should be sympathy cards for having to go back to work after vacation.

My mind is like my internet browser. A vacation is over when you begin to yearn for your work. Summer time equals sunburn for many.

Back From Vacation Meme - Tour Holiday. Funny vacation owl quotes movie humor memes owls meme hilarious humour during whole mom sayings don. Do you agree with this.

25 Funny Quotes About Summer Enjoy Them. That could bring me far far away. When in doubt go on vacation.

I want to make memories all over the world. I need a vacation so long I forget all my passwords 4. Laugh more worry less.

Going Back to Work After Vacation. I know there is a flight leaving today. Forget champagne and caviar Taste the world instead Hostelgeeks.

When you enjoy the special time of each year these funny summer quotes will have you wishing it was summer all year long. Funny Vacation Quotes Welcome Back From Vacation Quotes Humorous Vacation Quotes Never Coming Back Quotes Funny Vacation Quotes And Sayings After Vacation Quotes End Of Vacation Quotes Funny Quotes About Summer Vacation Abraham Lincoln Quotes Albert Einstein Quotes Bill Gates Quotes Bob Marley Quotes. Theres no overtime so they can just keep going.

Im here for the fun. Flip flops are a necessity for the best summer memories. Its bad manners to keep a vacation waiting.

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