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Next time your monthly present arrives youll be prepared with this arsenal of ways to refer to your little red friend. They always start unexpectedly and they mess up your emotions while somehow managing to ruin the one pair of panties you really love. While men including your significant other just cannot stomach a little blood these funny period memes are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Periods are the probably the most annoying part of being a woman. To make that time of the month a bit more tolerable Bored Panda collected some of the best period comics. You know the feeling when you know it has arrived and you check your handbag to realise you havent carried an extra pad so you make a beeline to the bathroom.

If you think about it hard enough period week really is like falling ill. Someone once asked me why women dont gamble as much as men do and I gave the commonsensical reply that we dont have as much money. At least theres a silver lining.

That was a true but incomplete answer. 292 entries are tagged with women period jokes. There you have it.

Funny Quotes About Periods I shouldnt be punished for not being pregnant - Unknown Maybe if period pain burned calories itd be worth it - Unknown Menstruation menopause mental breakdowns notice how all womens problems begin with men - Unknown Stressed out because period is a week. This right here captures the urgency during your period. Period Quotes Girls On Their Period Quotes Funny Family Quotes Dear Period Quotes Does Your Period Hurt Quotes Period Quotes Women Funny Teen Teenage Life Quotes Funny Quotes About Girls On Their Periods Quotes About Your Period Pms Quotes Abraham Lincoln Quotes Albert Einstein Quotes Bill Gates Quotes.

Girls Period Quotes Funny Period Quotes Period Humor Funny Quotes Indian Army Quotes Military Quotes Girl Quotes Book Quotes Period Story. Funny Relatable Memes Funny Quotes Funny Period Quotes Quotes Quotes Period Funny Period Problems Girl Struggles Whisper Quotes Period Humor I could hate you more than anything else in the world but if your period soaks through your pants I got your back girl. In fact womens total instinct for gambling is satisfied by marriage.

I respect the person who lets girls into the army. Being a woman myself its just too easy to relate to these cringe-worthy yet so hilariously correct period. Periods Quotes Girls On Their Period Quotes Funny Quotes About Women Funny Quotes About Pms Funny Quotes About Boys Funny Love Quotes Funny Quotes About School Funny Quotes About Pain Quotes About Your Period Funny Adult Quotes Funny Quotes About Searching House Abraham Lincoln Quotes Albert Einstein Quotes.

Half of the world gets to experience the same struggle each month so were all sisters in this matter. Girls on their periods armed with a gun unstoppable. On the theme of hiding your period Id also like to point out that if you add a pair of KT by Knixs Period Undies to your wardrobe you can stop leaks and keep your period to.

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