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We hope our collection of funny quotes from comedians celebrities and philosophers made you laugh out loud and gives you the cheer you need to get through the day. One day a little boy wrote to Santa Clause Please send me a sister Santa Clause wrote him back Ok send me your mother One liner tags. All dirty text messages poems love famous quotes inspirational quotations and funny joke of.

Afternoon Funny Meme Dump 32 Pics. Discover and share Dirty Quotes Of The Day. Top Funny Pictures of the Day.

Come back anytime you can benefit from a good laugh and stay inspired. Humorous Quotes Daily Quotes Funny Quotes Random Funny Quotes Daily Life Funny Quotes Funny Dirty Quotes Positive Humorous Quotes Inspirational Quotes Funny Quotes To Live By Really Funny Quotes Work For Daily Quotes Funny Cute Quotes Daily Silly Quotes Daily Funny Quotes And Sayings Humorous Quotes On Aging Daily Jokes Quotes Life Quotes. Today is my day to laugh at life.

If you dont stop and look around once in a while you could miss it Ferris Buellers Day Off I love you girls. One day youtube twitter and facebok will join together and be called Youtwitface 2. Have you ever made a toy squeak its last squeak it changes you man 3.

When he is standing next to your miss saying her hair smells nice. Dirt hand slap 0 likes. Enjoy these 19 photos that will ruin your mind.

A lickalotopis Q. A clean hand cannot deliver a dirty slap. Im sure we all agree that we ought to love one another and I know there are people in the world that do not love their fellow human beings and I HATE people like that.

Life moves pretty fast. Subscribe Friday Quotes. You get dirty and besides the pig likes it.

When do you kick a dwarf in the balls. Its a beautiful day to leave me alone. Quotes Jokes and Text Messages Information.

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Dirty Quotes - BrainyQuote. Funniest Jokes Ever Dirty Really funny jokes for adults dirty Q. May 12 2021 Jon.

Laugh loud - laugh often. Politics is often very very difficult and disappointing. What do you call a lesbian dinosaur.

So theyd have at least one way to shut a woman up. Yknow somewhere out there are four terrible fathers I wish I could thank for this great night Ted Yeah youre a legend in your own mind Dirty Harry. May 12 2021 Jon.

- Jonathan Lockwood Huie. You can write them down and use them whenever youre attending a social event or if you simply just want to make yourself laugh. Since not all of us are blessed with the ability to throw a joke the right way we thought of helping you out by giving you these ridiculously short funny quotes.

Laugh at me - laugh at you - laugh at life. Top Funny Pictures of the Day After Dark Funny Meme Dump 36 Pics. I learned long ago never to wrestle with a pig.

Only a rotten hand can leave a trail of dirt after dishing a dazing slap Vincent Okay Nwachukwu Weighty n Worthy African Proverbs - Volume 1 tags. Why did God give men penises. Christmas dirty kids sport.

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